Bitcoin As A Modern Monetary Defense Protocol


Bitcoin has the potential to challenge 18th-century monetary defensive protocols as a 21st-century modern monetary defense protocol (MMDP) alternative. For starters, the purpose of any defensive protocol is to provide natural barriers which are designed to increase safety and maximize security. So, the stronger the protocol, the superior protection and the security it provides.

The U.S. Constitution, for example, is a defensive protocol that was constructed to protect individual liberties while also outlining the limitations of “the people” defined for their government. This masterpiece of a defensive protocol is truly a revolutionary document that helped propel civilization forward in ways never experienced before in history. Furthermore, the U.S. eventually established the Department of Defense (not the Department of Offense) as an insurance policy to further defend our way of life. That being said, the right defensive protocol has the potential to shape the future and pave the way forward in ways we cannot fathom at this given moment in time.

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