Bitcoin Mining And Semiconductor Shortage


Supply chain shortages are starting to reveal many geopolitical dependencies on external actors for different resources, and the overall fragility that those dependencies can create for any given nation when supply chains are stressed.

All it takes is for one little domino to tip and problems cascade through the entire system. It should come as no surprise that nations are starting to view these compounding problems as national security issues and responding accordingly.

Addressing The Semiconductor Shortage

For instance, the U.S. Department of Commerce under the Biden Administration has become very involved recently in addressing supply chain issues, specifically in the context of semiconductor shortages. As far back as April and May 2021, it has been meeting with semiconductor companies involved in different points in the supply chain to better understand and address the issues underlying these supply shortages. In the wake of the most recent of these meetings in September, the Commerce Department sent out a request for information to all semiconductor companies across the entire supply chain in order to gain more insight into the specific bottlenecks and flows of the supply chain as a whole.

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