Bitcoin Vs. Crypto: Why Bitcoin Only


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[00:00:07] CK: Before we like really get into it, maybe just give the background on why addressing this topic is important.

[00:00:15] Rizzo: Yeah, sure. Hey, everybody. So yeah, my background, I’ve been a cryptocurrency journalist, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency journalist since about 2013. So yeah, I’ve had a lot of time to look over some of these questions. I was Editor-in-Chief at Coindesk for five or six years, now editor at Bitcoin magazine and Editor-at-Large over at kraken. And yeah, I feel like this article was really kind of came out of the process of being troubled by some things, right? I think one of the main troubles I’ve had for a while is that it seems like there’s this popular opinion that it’s okay to be neutral or agnostic to cryptocurrencies so that you can just sort of have a neutral view or that all cryptocurrencies are the same.

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