China’s Bitcoin “Ban” Creates A Massive Opportunity For The U.S.


The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1084: “Who is going to seize the opportunity?” Sign up for the newsletter here.

The world is being presented with a massive opportunity by way of China as they seem adamant about actually banning Bitcoin activity within their borders. As Blake Masters points out, if the US government was forward thinking, they would take the exact opposite approach and welcome Bitcoin with open arms, hold some in reserves, and encourage US citizens to build businesses and create services that increase Bitcoin’s utility.

While I’m not holding my breath and expecting the US government to do any of this, I am very bullish on individual Americans seizing the opportunity without waiting for permission. In fact, I can confirm that this is already happening in the mining industry where entrepreneurs are moving at a rapid pace to deploy more hashrate on American soil while getting the energy industry bought in.

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