OctaPharma Launches Pilot To Get Paid In Bitcoin For Plasma Donations


  • OctaPharma launches a 32 location pilot that pays bitcoin for plasma donations.
  • Swan Bitcoin collaborated with Spade Payment Solutions in order to create a smooth user experience that simply requires an email to be paid in bitcoin for donations.
  • The pilot is on a limited-trial and participation is crucial to the continuation of the program, enabling bitcoiners to alleviate the falling plasma donation rates being experienced worldwide.

OctaPharma Plasma, a U.S based pharmaceutical company that collects plasma for life-saving medications, has partnered with Swan Bitcoin and Spade Payment Solutions to allow individuals to get paid in bitcoin for donating plasma. The partnership allows plasma donors to receive $100 of bitcoin for their donations up to twice a week in a pilot launch across 32 locations, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

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