Thank God For Bitcoin Senator Cynthia Lummis Says On US Debt Limit Raise


  • “Thank God for Bitcoin…that transcends the irresponsibility of governments,” Senator Cynthia Lummis said.
  • Sen. Lummis’ remarks came in response to the Senate’s approval of a bill to increase the U.S. debt limit by $480 billion.
  • “Time and again…presidents of both parties have run up the debt irresponsibly with no plan to address it.”

Bitcoin is a blessing of God amid irresponsible policies at the government level, said Senator Cynthia Lummis in a speech to the Senate. The Senator provided her perspective on how Bitcoin can help people stay immune to “irresponsible” monetary policies.

“One of the reasons I became so interested in non-fiat currencies is because they’re not issued by a government. Bitcoin is not issued by a government.”

On October 7, the Senate approved a bill to help the U.S. avoid a default on its debt in the next few weeks. The agreement enables an increase of $480 billion to the debt limit, “a sum the Treasury Department estimates will allow it to pay bills until December 3,” CNBC reported.

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