Why Freedom To Choose Money Important



The current system of government in the U.S. has a bad reputation among many Bitcoiners and arguably for good reason. This system is loosely called a “democracy” but appears to be more a tyranny of the majority. A democratically elected government that has the improperly checked power to coerce the individual into submitting to the ideas of its electorate really is a tyranny of the majority, there’s no real way around that. This is especially problematic if the tyranny has access to a large share of community funding through both regular and covert taxation. If a certain tipping point of funding is reached, that funding can be used by the tyranny to establish a feedback loop of even more power and more funding. This allows the tyranny to expand its power indefinitely, which could end up with a behemoth state that deeply controls the lives of the citizens who will have effectively become its serfs. Regardless of whether democracy can be considered a just basic structure in its own right, even Bitcoiners most averse to it have to come to terms with the fact that representative democracies are kind of hot right now. In fact, even those bitcoiners most likely lived relatively peacefully in one, once upon a time before the COVID-19 pandemic. At least for the foreseeable future, Bitcoiners all around the world will still have to deal with these sort-of-democracies, but if my argument is successful, those democracies will have to leave them alone in regard to their use of the phenomenal new monetary system we call Bitcoin.

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