Are Long-Term Holders Selling The Bitcoin Price Top?


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One of the most common patterns in bitcoin’s on-chain history is that of the long-term holders stacking sats during bear markets and then selling some of their positions for profit-taking near the tops of bull markets. Right now, long-term holder supply is hitting new all-time highs as we brace for bitcoin’s next bull move up.

We last covered long-term holder supply profit dynamics in The Daily Dive #078. The definitions of Glassnode’s long-term holders and short-term holders can be found here.

As new demand enters the market in the later stage of the bull cycle, long-term holders sell bitcoin to new market entrants, i.e., short-term holders, until the market selling and buying is exhausted. This typically signals the local market price top as new demand is eager to buy at any price. Price then cools off and long-term holders start accumulating again.

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