Argentinian Lemon Cash Bitcoin Cashback Visa Card


  • Argentinian bitcoin exchange Lemon Cash launched a Visa card that offers a 2% cashback in BTC for each purchase.
  • Users can use the international card to buy everyday consumer items at any merchant that accepts Visa.
  • Lemon automatically converts the necessary amount of cryptocurrency from the user’s account into Argentinian pesos to make the payment.

Argentina-based bitcoin exchange Lemon Cash has launched a bitcoin card in conjunction with Visa that offers 2% cashback in BTC for each purchase, reported Bloomberg Línea. The offering is the first card of its kind to combine pesos, the national fiat currency, with cryptocurrency in Argentina, and allows users to make regular purchases with their cryptocurrency holdings.

“Visa aligned with our plans to do things in Argentina and we could make this an international card, which has both a digital and physical use,” Marcelo Cavazzoli, CEO of Lemon, told Bloomberg Línea.

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