Bitcoin Helps Former Prisoners – Bitcoin Magazine


Ubaydah Baa’ith is one of thousands of formerly incarcerated Americans who found greater financial security thanks to bitcoin, since employment, banking and housing discrimination against returning citizens is widespread across the United States.

“I come from generational incarceration. My grandmother and uncle did time, here I am years later with armed robbery,” Baa’ith said. “I learned about bitcoin when I was in a halfway house in 2018.”

When Baa’ith entered the halfway house, he met Clovia Lawrence, co-founder of Project Give Back To Community, and immediately got involved with educational programs that focus on low-income communities of color. Some studies estimate that more than half of African Americans have had a family member incarcerated at some point, which has a significant impact on housing access and food security. Former inmates are far less likely to receive loans or job offers, and the disparity is even greater among Black and Latino communities.

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