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Bitcoin Is Self Preservation

The Center Cannot Hold: 15

All living organism share a universal behavior set called self preservation. Self preservation is the set of behaviors that ensures the survival of an organism. Bitcoin is financial self preservation. Many hold Bitcoin to increase the longevity and appreciation of their wealth and therewith their health. Buying Bitcoin is trading time now for time later. Its price appreciation and value preservation allots one more time to attend to physical and mental health needs.

One function of Bitcoin is to release us from the tyranny of fiat money. The problem with government money by mandate is that it has no integrity, and is debased at will, indefinitely. This is true of all fiat monetary systems. Through taxation, inflation, and confiscation, the government can tightly control, as well as steal from the wealth of its citizens. Central planning has been so pervasively normalized that whole sectors of society have become dependent on the largesse of the fiat monster.

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