Bitcoin Lets You Live Wherever You Want


This is an opinion editorial by Katie The Russian, CEO of Plan B Passport and co-host of the “The Bittersweet Podcast.”

Because you are born into a nonconsensual monopoly brought upon you by the government, you have no real options — no real choices to pick the services that you want to receive from the State, the taxes you are willing to pay for it or the regulatory environment under which you decide to operate.

Unless, you decide to enter the game of jurisdictional arbitrage and limit your dependency on any one particular state.

What is jurisdictional arbitrage, you may ask. It is usually defined as a practice of taking advantage of the regulatory differences between legal jurisdictions. “Everything which is not forbidden is allowed,” as the old saying goes. In many ways, this is what jurisdictional arbitrage is built on. You learn the rules of the game in multiple jurisdictions, pick the one that serves you best for a particular purpose and then decide how to play it to your benefit.

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