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Bitcoin’s potential reach among the world population is unlimited in terms of memetic knowledge dissemination. In part due to its increasing adoption, Bitcoin is widely considered a technology that has or will alter the course of humanity.

But in terms of physical reach, where has Bitcoin been? Where could it go? In this essay I intend to demonstrate how Bitcoin pioneers into the cosmos, literally, and how we will use it as we migrate as a species from the Earth. 


Let us define reach as the physical distance of a funded key pair, a piece of bitcoin, a UTXO, from Earth.

Most bitcoin transmitted via hobbyist radio waves into space are garbled and reflected off the Earth’s ionosphere. Like all electromagnetic waves, radio waves in a vacuum travel at the speed of light, and through the Earth’s atmosphere at a close but lower speed. Those broadcasts that make it through the ionosphere travel at the speed of light.

If the furthest radio transmitted bitcoin made it through the ionosphere intact, and we optimistically presume they passed the ionosphere in 2012, they will have enjoyed a travel of just about 10 light years by this time. That’s 58.8 trillion miles or 94.6 trillion kilometers.

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