Building Institutional-Grade Products For Bitcoin’s Adoption


Philippe Bekhazi of XBTO Group discusses building a large, diversified Bitcoin company.

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Philippe Bekhazi has combined his areas of expertise, finance and technology, to create XBTO Group, one of the world’s largest and most diversified participants in Bitcoin and across cryptocurrency-based finance.

“With Bitcoin, you don’t have to trust anyone with money,” Bekhazi said. “It just is what it is. It’s an equation, that everyone’s looking at, and everyone’s protecting, and it cannot be changed. And it’s global in nature. It’s like that one language everybody speaks. And that’s really powerful.”

Founded in 2015, XBTO is active in market making, OTC trading, venture capital, mining and more. You may not have heard of XBTO before, but you’ve probably used its services without even realizing it. In this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” Bekhazi explained how he got into Bitcoin, the ways that XBTO is involved in the Bitcoin space, how the larger cryptocurrency space has evolved in recent years, and ways to continue to push Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies into the mainstream.

“Bitcoin is only ten years old, and we want to see Bitcoin succeed, and we need that volatility to get places, right?” he asked. “It needs to grow fast to reach as many people as possible, because that’s it’s promise, right? A billion dollar asset, it’s nice, but it doesn’t really do anything if you think about what it could do for the world. So, I think we’re getting places, and that’s a good thing.”

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