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[00:00:06] CK: What is up, Bitcoiners? It’s your boy, CK. Waiting for Pete Rizzo and Aleks Svetski to join. We’ll be taken over, but I’m just here to fill in the void. It looks like Pete just jumped in. While we’re waiting for everything to get settled here, just want to inform me all about the venue for Bitcoin 2022. I was actually just there yesterday and it is absolutely next level. If any of you were at Bitcoin 2021 this year, earlier this June in Miami, you know it was an incredible event.

with that, the event was a little bit oversold. There’s too many people in the venue and that will not be happening again this year. The guest experience is going to be absolutely A-plus topnotch. The Miami Beach Convention Center can scale up to 100,000 people, and it’s going to be absolutely fantastic. We have a enormous amount planned for all the Bitcoiners out there. Of course, like any big one conference, we respect your privacy, we respect what Bitcoiners respect. We are Bitcoiners.

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