Discussing How Bitcoin Can Unlock Ocean Energy


This is a recording of a recent Twitter Spaces conversation about Level39’s “How Bitcoin Can Unlock The Energy Of The Ocean For 1 Billion People.

Listen To This Twitter Spaces:


[00:06] CK: … Industrial Revolution and specifically in the context of unlocking trapped energy resources that are in the ocean and potentially a lot of other resources. I don’t know how much we’re going to get into that, but I’m really excited for this talk. We got a lot of great people in the audience already. If you feel like you need to be on stage, shoot me a DM, request to be up. We’re going to try to keep it as a tight panel at the beginning. If there’s time in the end to open it up for questions, happy to do that as well.But really the impetus for this space is an article that Level39 wrote based off of a conversation that Troy Cross had with Nate, who’s down here in the work that Nate is doing. I know that’s a little bit of a tongue twister so I guess I’m just going to pass it over to Level39.

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