El Salvador Children’s Hospital Receives Over 1 BTC Donation from US Nonprofit


  • A major children’s hospital in El Salvador has received more than one bitcoin as a donation from a U.S.-based nonprofit.
  • The Benjamin Bloom National Childrens’ Hospital provides essential care for children in need of intensive treatment in the Central American country.
  • The donor, Liberland Aid Foundation, was founded by supporters of the Free Republic of Liberland.

The Benjamin Bloom National Childrens’ Hospital in El Salvador has received over 1 BTC donation from the Liberland Aid Foundation, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, according to a statement sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

“I am honored to be present for this historic moment,” said Joey Langenbrunner, LAF Chairman. “This initiative has allowed Liberland citizens the opportunity to not only give back, but also to show the power of what Bitcoin can do to empower the people of El Salvador.”

The American 501c(3) voluntary charity was instituted by supporters of a new micronation located between Serbia and Croatia, the Free Republic of Liberland. The donation was performed at a ceremony on November 19, where the managing director of Liberland Aid Foundation, Stephen Wood, sent the Bitcoin transaction live. The move was prompted by El Salvador’s recognition of bitcoin as legal tender, the foundation said, which led supporters of Liberland’s charity arm to work directly with the Central American country’s Ministry of Health.

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