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Here come the influencers. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K. has announced an 11 million British pound (GBP) campaign enlisting celebrities and influencers to warn the general public of the dangers of high-risk investments. The FCA is a financial regulatory authority in the U.K. that was established in 2013. It operates independently of the U.K. government.

This is an interesting dynamic to consider given the context of public messaging relating to COVID-19 information. There are many examples of programs paying influencers on social media to propagate specific messaging relating to COVID, such as complying with mask mandates, getting vaccinated, etc. Now the point here isn’t which side of any of these individuals is factually correct or effective, it’s just about the messaging mechanisms, incentives and trust people place in others. Say what you want about the societal health of influencer culture, the fact remains that it exists and large amounts of people actually place some degree of trust in influencers they follow on social media. This is why government programs of this sort relating to COVID have been effective.

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