Jack Dorsey, Square’s Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Proposal Announced: tbDEX


  • Square’s decentralized bitcoin exchange proposal has been announced.
  • tbDEX is a protocol that seeks to improve the on-ramp rails into bitcoin.
  • The protocol’s whitepaper has also been released.

Square’s Bitcoin business TBD today released the whitepaper of its decentralized bitcoin exchange proposal, tbDEX, according to a statement posted on its website.

“We believe that the economy should be inclusive. We need to build on-ramps to this future where everyone can access and participate in the economy,” per the statement.

The tbDEX protocol aims to bridge the gap between the fiat and bitcoin worlds, given that most people still receive their paychecks in fiat currency and pay taxes in fiat currency. The project aims to make it easier for those who want to convert their debasing fiat for appreciating bitcoin in the purest free-market possible.

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