Maintaining Mental Health In Bitcoin


The Bitcoin network may be powered by unbiased math, but the users who transact with bitcoin are ruled by the neurons coursing through their brains, so mental health is truly the foundation of financial sovereignty.

And watching the market value of bitcoin fluctuate can be incredibly stressful. It’s crucial for bitcoin investors to question their own motives when they want to buy or sell.

“If you know what you need for immediate needs and long-term needs, then try not to check the market all the time,” said New York-based therapist Aja Evans, who specializes in issues related to financial wellness. “Recognize that you’re emotionally involved in your financial decisions. If you’ve seen other people lose money in the past and it was scary, that’s a great thing to acknowledge in yourself. The real question is, do you need this money right now, so quickly? Is there an urgent need, or is anxiety inspiring that consideration?”

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