Multisig Setup Saves Bitcoin Stack from Home Burglary


Bitcoin user Callum McArthur’s house was broken into last month, and the burglars stole his hardware wallet and recovery words which stored his bitcoin stack. However, even though the criminals managed to get away with McArthur’s devices, they didn’t know that the keys they took were part of a multisig setup. As a result, the burglars couldn’t spend one satoshi, and McArthur’s stack was left intact.

“You have to diversify your security for your most important investments, it’s extraordinarily important. And that’s exactly what multisig is doing,” McArthur said while sharing his story on the By the Horns podcast. “Otherwise you’re generally talking about 10 to 15 years of your hard labor…and the possibility of that all being gone…you’re not getting those years back. Don’t skip on security.”

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