Perth Heat Baseball Adopts A Bitcoin Standard


This is a recording of a recent Twitter Spaces conversation about the Australian baseball team, Perth Heat, moving to a bitcoin standard.

Listen To This Twitter Spaces:


[0:06] Perth Heat: We had a great experience of credit to the whole organization that put the conference together. Scaling of that size after a few years I thought was quite phenomenal the way Bitcoin Magazine was able to run the event in a lot of ways, not knowing what sort of support you’d get globally after all the lockdowns and travel restrictions, et cetera. To see that many Bitcoiners to have those interactions was just a phenomenal three days. It’s hard not to get excited about 2023 and what’s to come. For those that didn’t attend in April this year, the opportunity to purchase those tickets at a discount rate, secure them as quickly as you can, because it’s an event you want to be at next year. No doubt.

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