The Best States For Bitcoin Mining In The U.S.


  • Bitcoin miners seek the cheapest sources of energy available to increase their profit margins.
  • States with a deregulated energy grid, such as Texas and Wyoming, let customers choose between energy providers, attracting miners and fostering innovation.
  • In contrast, highly regulated states with energy-limiting policies, like California and Connecticut, artificially elevate energy prices, pushing miners and innovation away.
  • Bitcoin-friendly states will be the ones to benefit the most from innovation and technological development in the coming decades.

Bitcoin mining companies have flocked to the U.S. amid a hashrate exodus away from China, fueled by extensive investments in talent and equipment. In an industry whose profit is highly dependable on the price of power, mining farms deliberately select their location to ensure the highest margins. Some states allow customers to choose their energy providers, enabling lower costs and tailored solutions. Other regions, however, impose mandates, thereby inflating prices and pushing away businesses seeking to create jobs and join a community.

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