The Invisible Incentives Of Bitcoin


What incentives does Bitcoin offer? Money accumulation, or is there any greater purpose and incentive for miners securing the network? Mining is a most important process of the Bitcoin network, yet relatively few actually understand it.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Marty Bent, the laid-back Philadelphian with a penchant for Bitcoin mining and founder of Tales From The Crypt podcast. We talked about my journey and how I came about writing my book “From Bars To Bitcoin,” a coming-of-age story in which prison ushered Bitcoin into my life for the better. I did not need a halfway house when I came home from incarceration because Bitcoin gave me the necessary skills to reintegrate into society at a pace only a book could highlight. During the podcast, a revelation hit me on the real reason behind Bitcoin’s incentives; you know, the tangible things that keep plebs and investors up at night.

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