The State Of Lightning Network Bitcoin Adoption


  • El Salvador bitcoin adoption, Twitter enabling BTC tipping through Lightning, and Paxful integrating Lightning, all in September, have propelled user adoption and payments activity in the network.
  • Lightning payments volume doubled in September, while channel public capacity grew by 26%.
  • The number of users with access to Lightning payments increased by 11,164% to 9.7 million users in September, compared to 87,000 in August.
  • Lightning usage for personal transfers, including merchant payments and gift cards, grew by 122% in one month, while online services increased by 65%.

Arcane Research published today a lengthy report on the state of the Lightning Network, evaluating the Bitcoin second-layer from within. The paper touches on channel capacity, wallet payment volume, everyday usage, and the ability to stream money. By getting a better understanding of how the network is changing industries worldwide, the reader might picture the direction the world is likely heading.

Visa Transactions per Second vs. Bitcoin on-chain Transactions per Second vs. Lightning Network. Source: Visa and Arcane Research.

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