Gemini Sponsors Bitcoin Core Maintainer Fanquake


  • Gemini is now sponsoring Bitcoin Core maintainer Michael Ford (Fanquake).
  • The bitcoin exchange’s donor-advised fund supports Bitcoin Core development through grants, fellowships, and donations.
  • Ford joins Amiti Uttarwar, Dhruv Mehta, and Jarol Rodriguez as the fourth Bitcoin Core developer sponsored by Gemini’s fund.

Bitcoin exchange Gemini now sponsors Bitcoin Core maintainer Michael Ford, also known as Fanquake, according to a statement published Tuesday. The sponsorship comes via the Gemini Opportunity Fund, an initiative whose mission is to improve the scalability, security, and sustainability of the Bitcoin Network.

“We are delighted to announce Gemini’s sponsorship of Bitcoin Core Maintainer Michael Ford, aka Fanquake,” per the statement. “We are deeply committed to empowering the Bitcoin Network and its developer community and look forward to expanding our support.”

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