Jackson TN Mayor Tampa FL Mayor Converting Paycheck into Bitcoin


  • The mayors of Jackson, TN, and Tampa, FL, have committed to convert their next paychecks into bitcoin.
  • Game theory is playing out gracefully and mayors across the country are racing to portray their towns as the most Bitcoin-friendly.
  • The trend was kicked off by Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, who was closely followed by New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams.

The trend of mayors taking bitcoin as payment is heating up. After Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams announced they would be taking their next paychecks in bitcoin, two other mayors have followed suit. Scott Conger, from Jackson, TN, and Jane Castor from Tampa, FL, have both shared similar intentions for their next city payment.

Game theory is ramping up the speed and quantity of mayors to convert their payments into bitcoin, prompting a cohort of politicians to seek and make their cities a true Bitcoin hub in the U.S.

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