Tom Brady Gives Fan One Bitcoin For Ball From 600th Touchdown


  • NFL star Tom Brady will give 1 BTC to a fan in exchange for his 600th touchdown football.
  • “[The fan] should’ve held it. … [But] I’m also giving him a Bitcoin, so at the end of the day, I think he’s making out pretty well,” Brady said.
  • Byron Kennedy, the fan who caught the ball, will also receive signed jerseys and cleats, one helmet, $1,000 in fan store credit, and season tickets for two seasons.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will give one bitcoin to a fan in exchange for his 600th career touchdown ball, CBS Sports reported.

“I got the ball back,” Brady told Peyton and Eli Manning of ESPN’s Monday Football simulcast. “There was a lot of negotiation in order to get the ball back.”

Brady became the first National Football League (NFL) player to throw 600 touchdowns last Sunday, but Mike Evans, the wide receiver who caught the pass, didn’t realize the importance of the record-breaking ball and gave it to a fan in the stands. Only after the Buccaneers realized the meaningfulness of that ball did team officials head over to negotiate with the fan, Byron Kennedy, to get it back, a scene caught by the TV broadcast.

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