Bitcoin Asset Solve Store Of Value


After digesting the piece entitled, “How Bitcoin Solves the Store of Value Problem” by @Mind/Matter published in Bitcoin Magazine on August 1, 2021, I found myself unsatiated. Although in firm agreement with the central premise of the piece, namely that bitcoin performs the store of value role better than any other major asset, more could be said about the relative flaws of other assets — many of them fatal — in comparison to bitcoin. In the following series of articles, I will elucidate the relative unattractiveness of (i) equities, (ii) fixed income securities, (iii) commodities and (iv) venture capital. My writing and perspective is informed by my upbringing as a common man (blue collar worker, pleb), which is consequential because the common man is crying out for a store of value to preserve their labor at a time when the financial establishment has turned its back. Bitcoin addresses this need far better than any existing alternative and is the only asset that does not represent a wealth transfer from the common man to pre-existing financial elites.

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