Why Bitcoin Is Ultimate Single-Issue Vote


Modern “single issues”: Gun rights, gay rights, marijuana, and environmental activists all have something in common: Each one has a dedicated group of passionate individuals who fight every day to push its agenda socially and politically. They do this by effectively pressuring corporations and politicians to show their support for their preferred movement. These groups are some of the more powerful “single-issue voter” blocs in modern American politics.

Single-issue voter blocs are groups of individuals who will vote for or against a candidate (or policy) solely based on how it impacts their preferred issue. These voters feel so strongly about their issue that they will disregard all other campaign issues in an all-out attempt to at the very least move the needle on their single issue by shifting the Overton window on the discussion and pushing for legislation that protects their position. Typically these groups are motivated by a desire to improve society by making ground on their preferred issue.

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